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The Borealis Experience
reconnect to yourself and enjoy life on a deeper level
Hello Dear, In this podcast I want to create a space for you where you can recharge your batteries, expand, grow and feel at home with yourself. I will take you on a journey that will get you with ease and effortlessness to a more peaceful state of being. Genuine, raw and transparent - always.
Meditations included
Enjoy it, cause you’re so worth it ! Love Aurora
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Aurora Eggert

Hello there,
Born and raised in Germany under the influence of French culture I got a taste of how people perceive life and things in general totally differently depending on how and where they grew up. this ignited my deepest curiosity for human behaviour at a very young age.

Being always more of an introvert and observant child I absorbed a lot of stuff that to this day weigh heavy on my soul but on the bright side I can say that these experiences make me relate so much deeper and better to the people around me.
People say I have a warm, soothing vibe and I enjoyed many years working as a physiotherapist in Germany. Today I’m more venturing towards bringing healing through podcasting/ talk therapy and encourage people to spend more time out in nature.
I would like to call myself a perception shifter because this is what helped me on my path of (ongoing) healing - I’d love to offer perception shifting thoughts/views in order to make people feel more real and their life easier and their relationships deeper.

I’m also passionate about bringing locally grown food to people’s table as I’m certain that feeling empowered and real starts with what you nurture your body with and what you absorb from your environment on a daily basis .

I live in the Rocky Mountains
Raise 25 chickens Free range for eggs
I love yoga and have my 200hr yoga teacher certificate and now podcasting became my passion because I can reach people all over the world
Bonnie my pit bull lady is always at my side.

Love ❤️